Thursday, September 16, 2010

When it rains..

It does pour....sometimes.... Today it rained. But not the entire day -there was spotty sun here and there. I had a lunch meeting with a wise man who has lived long enough to know about all the vicissitudes of life.  But mostly overcast. And so the weather in ways mirrors life. Unpredictable but something will happen. We just don't know what! 

Can we be prepared? Like put on a psychological raincoat or therapeutic sunscreen to protect us from  nature's elements? Sometimes if we know the forecast. But only if we know the forecast. So...

Maybe this is about picking up clues here and there to discern our personal weather report and inoculating ourselves using successful coping mechanisms that have worked in the past.It is certainly not easy sometimes though and input from others who can maybe discern things from a distance (as opposed to being right in the thicket) could be useful.

In the meantime...
OREGON CITY, Ore. - It was an unusual call for Oregon firefighters: A 1,500-pound camel, named Moses, needed to be rescued. The call came in Tuesday night in Clackamas County after the Oregon City owners of the camel called firefighters to say that Moses had fallen into a sinkhole 6 to 8 feet deep and was possibly injured. The owners — who have several camels and run a children's ministry — had tried to get the camel out themselves but failed.
And for those of you who need to know about stuff-check out this website!

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